Austerity & Regeneration

The London Borough of Lewisham is one of the most culturally diverse but also one of the most deprived areas of London. As such it has been particularly affected by the politics of austerity. Food is materially and symbolically at the heart of the anxieties different residents share, and to feed oneself and one’s family is often a main challenge posed by austerity politics. Thus, across the borough we are seeing the emergence of new forms of food production and distribution. These include food banks, allotments, cooperatives and soup kitchens, while at the same time sharp divides emerge as the area changes, obvious in the rise of coffee shops, farmer’s markets and gastro pubs.  This project aims at documenting changing food habits in Lewisham. Food is a manifestation of culture and the way it is produced, distributed, and shared shows histories and identities. In the context of South London, the preparation, display and consumption of food, in public and in private spaces, expresses changing urban environments from the borough, to the neighbourhood and the household.


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